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Pedal Board Junction Box
Pedal Board Junction Box

                      Introducing the “Pedal Board Junction Box”


The “Pedal Board Junction Box” is a Central Multi-Connections Interface for you're Pedal board.

The “Pedal Board Junction Box” provides you with the necessary Input/Output/AC connections for your Pedal Board, all conveniently located in a central shielded housing that can mount directly to your existing Pedal board!

The “Pedal Board Junction Box” features:


* (2) guitar Inputs: one normal & one buffered, both guitar inputs feature Neutrik high quality locking connectors.


* Amp Output: the amp output connects your entire pedal board chain signal to your amp's input; again this output jack features a high quality Neutrik locking connector.


* AC input:The AC input features a high quality Neutrik locking 'PowerCon' connector. The Neutrik 'PowerCon' connector feeds a standard grounded AC receptacle that you can use to power your pedal board's power supply's AC hookup.


* 'Send' output connector jack: This output connects the “Pedal Board Junction Box” guitar input to your 1st pedal's input.


* 'Return' input connector jack: This input connects the last pedal's output to the “Pedal Board Junction Box” 's amp output connection jack.


* 9 Volt DC input jack: This is a standard 2.1mm-center negative 9 volt dc input jack; power to this jack is only necessary if you are using the Buffered Guitar Input. If you using the standard Normal Guitar Input connector it is not necessary to supply 9 volts to this connection.



The “Pedal-Board Junction Box” comes with the necessary AC Neutrik 'PowerCon' male connector & standard grounded AC receptacle with 8 feet of cable length. All connections are expertly Hand-Wired and housed in a Noise-Free diecast shielded enclosure. Simple hook-up connection diagram are included as well.


Clean Up that cluttered connection mess / get organized / simplify set-up at your gigs / look professional!

The “Pedal-Board Junction Box” is very Easy to Use and can mount directly to any pedal board.


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Pedalboard Junction Box